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C9 Single Pusher Chronograph

Beyond question, the C9 Single Pusher Chronograph is our most advanced and beautiful complication to date. A result of the collaboration between two remarkable horologists: our own youthful master watchmaker, Johannes Jahnke, and the octogenarian Unitas specialist, Jean Fillon, Calibre JJ02 is a minor masterpiece of watchmaking excellence.

It's also, arguably our best value watch as other brands capable of manufacturing such a watch (and there are surprisingly few) would surely charge thousands of pounds more.
1 Face Option
6 Strap Options
Hand Wound

The C9 Single Pusher Chronograph range

    • Leather
    • Size
      • 43mm


C9 Single Pusher Chronograph 4.8/5(19 Reviews)
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  • Review by Paul 05/11/2015
    The very best CW watch

    The second the CW magazine arrived with this watch on the front page, I had to order it! It really is a beautiful watch and in my opinion their best watch so far. Whenever I wear it I get compliments and asked who makes it. I love the fact its a limited edition and I have 008.

  • Review by Arnie 17/06/2015
    C900 with Rose Gold Bezel

    I have bought a number of CW watches over the last 18 months, some as gifts and some to collect. I recently took delivery of this C900 Single Pusher with rose gold bezel which I have to say is as beautiful a piece of engineering as I have come across in watch design. All of the... Read More

  • Review by Cliff Stone 19/03/2015
    Excellent styling, shame about the reliability

    I am the proud owner of a number of CW watches and have also given several as gifts to friends and relatives. All have been analogue as this is the true art of wat h making. To celebrate reaching a significant milestone, I recieved what I hoped would be the crowning glory of my... Read More

  • Review by bristnj 15/05/2014
    Enthralled with my C900!

    Yesterday I received my C900 Harrison Single Pusher Chronograph, and could not be more impressed and thrilled with the purchase. I first saw the C900 over a year ago, and was instantly captivated by it. Since that time, I have found myself coming back again and again to view... Read More

  • Review by Phil Edmonds 22/03/2014
    Record straight re Harald's Review

    I own 4 C.Ward watches, and just ordered a Makaira Pro Elite COSC. I have admired the C900 for a long while, but it's out of reach for me right now. I feel that I need to respond to Harald's review. Using the experiences that I have had with C.Ward watches over the past 4... Read More

  • Review by Brett 20/03/2014
    My best watch to date. What a Beauty

    Great service on my orders. I just got my two watches in today and WOW what GREAT looking watches. I couldn’t be more happy with them. The C900 is my best watch to date that will sit beside a Tag Heuer, Omega and Rolex.

  • Review by Harald 28/02/2014
    Beautiful watch with stunning movement, but....

    ...ambivalent impression. Today, I received my C900 and I was much impressed when I took it out of the box. Beautiful finishing, awesome movement and a classy design. But as a ambitious watch collector with experience, I take a closer look to the details. The first is the... Read More

  • Review by Pash 20/02/2014
    C900 Harrison

    This watch looks amazing if only it had luminal hands

  • Review by Sean 04/02/2014
    I relish the morning ritual of winding this beauty

    I had considered posting this review on the CWL independent forum to gain a wider audience however it's demeanour and posting rules is non-welcoming, elitist, and in general too much for me to stomach so here it must be. First I would like to thank Wera and the customer support... Read More

  • Review by Berkshire Critic 07/06/2013
    Exquisite design and watchmaking

    I must confess I am a watch addict and consider myself to be very fortunate to own several desirable luxury watches. What drew me to the C900 Harrison Single Pusher were the reviews and YouTube clips. All were so complimentary, highlighting the exquisite case, the purity of the... Read More

  • Review by Pepe 22/04/2013
    I get more comments and compliments about this watch than any other watch I have worn.

    I am very pleased with my new watch and I like the idea that it is a limited edition. I can imagine passing this watch on to my son. The hour and minute hand could be bolder and therefore easier to see but you get used to it. I have received so many compliments about this... Read More

  • Review by Hary C 27/03/2013
    Excellent but would have preferred the time hands to be more prominent

    Third watch from CW and contine to be impressed. Classic design that never fails to impress. Never loses a minute and has a solid quality feel to it. Can be difficult to read sometimes and takes a little getting used to. I think it would look better and be more practical if... Read More

  • Review by David B 11/02/2013
    Very Special

    I wanted a simple clean design and having already acquired a CW watch, started here. I read all the reviews and looked at the competition and quite simply, I was taken by the beauty and the very personal engineering story that this watch embodies; and even better, displays if... Read More

  • Review by Tim 09/02/2013
    Irresistable and absolutely stunning timepiece

    As soon as the C900 was released it was love at first sight. I found myself returning to the website again and again, totally smitten. My head told me that the nearest single-pusher equivalent came in at just under £10k! My heart told me that this was a truly beautiful... Read More

  • Review by angelo 13/12/2012
    Beauty and class frozen in time

    A very beautifull and classy watch showing beauty in it's simplest yet most complicated form. Well done Christopher Ward, another timeless classic in the making.

  • Review by Kip 28/11/2012
    WOW! Luxury, value and a unique complication, you cannot do better than this.

    As a collector that has handled quite a few different brands, I can safely say that this is the most amazing watch I own. Christopher Ward and Johannes Jahnke have created an amazingly inspired piece that makes you say WOW! The artistry of the single pusher chronograph that... Read More

  • Review by Bonny 27/11/2012
    Honestly, I am just stunned by this watch

    For the avoidance of doubt, this is way out of my price bracket, is the most expensive piece of horology I have ever bought and is the reason I started unloading some of the current collection. I was swayed but not 100% convinced by the pictures I had seen and encouraged by... Read More

  • Review by Alibar 27/11/2012
    A watch that carries a commanding presence

    Well, I wish I could say it's been a long wait but... after a SOTC conversation with myself over the weekend, and an "as normal" round of efficient e-mails with Wera, postie duly turned up this morning as expected. What can I say - woohoo, WTF, OMG and wow should... Read More

  • Review by Jimleymurmer 27/11/2012
    My C900 has arrived C900 has arrived. Beautiful watch. Originally thought all the hands were black in the (poor) light but my eye seems to have tuned itself in and the high shine hour and minute hands are fabulously sleek. It's a big watch but the pure white dial and minimalist... Read More

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