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A BLOG TO WATCH – Patrick Kansa reviews the C60 Trident collection

C60 Trident COSC 600 - 42mmChristopher Ward is a brand that I have followed (and reviewed) with some interest, as the British brand has put out quite a mix of watches over the ten years they have now been around. For the price points many of their watches are offered at, you have a very compelling mix of style and functionality, with improvements made to the lineups as time goes by. One of the latest to get hit with the change ray is one of my favorites, the Christopher Ward C60 Trident.

In total, there are four models that are part of this updated lineup, with three of the four available in two different case sizes. The only one that is available in just a single case size, 42mm, is the Christopher Ward C60 Trident COSC. Read more >

COMPELLIER – Christopher Ward Celebrates 10 Years with Hybrid of Swiss Movement and English Design

Since launch the Trident collection has proved their best selling selection of timepieces and in response to heightened demand the collection has been remodelled, redefined and re-engineered to celebrate their decade in watch specialism.

Four new timepieces have been commissioned that will offer individuals an extraordinary choice of 133 possible combinations of case, watch movement, colour, bezel and strap. This not only allows the wearer to create a truly unique timepiece suited to their personality and style but also now opens the collection up to women thanks to the range’s narrower strap options. Read more >

Calibre Sh21, Christopher Ward's first in-house movement

OCEANIC TIME – Christopher Ward C60 Trident [new collection] with in-house Calibre SH21

Christopher Ward have announced a handsome new version of their iconic C60 Trident Diver family. Radically re-engineering and with plenty of design advancement across the range.

From the new entry-level Quartz to the flagship COSC model that is powered by Christopher Ward’s first in-house movement, the Calibre SH21, the new Trident collection sets out to raise the bar in terms of enhanced quality and choice at every price point. Read more >

LUXELORE – The new Trident collection by Christopher Ward

Christopher Ward’s best-selling Trident series has been completely redefined for 2015. With a choice of four Swiss movements including Calibre SH21, and featuring a comprehensively re-engineered case, improvement has been designed into every component. The new Trident is offered in two case diameters with six strap styles in eight color combinations, a total of 133 options. Choice_redefined. Read more >

C60 Trident GMT 600

WORN & WOUND – Christopher Ward Updates the C60 Trident Family

Christopher Ward likes to surprise their following with interesting releases from time to time. Whether it’s a new watch or a new movement, they tend to turn heads, further building the cult status of the innovative and affordable brand. Today, they have announced a large update to one of their, if not the, more popular of their lines; the C60 Tridents. These updates aren’t just new colors, but rather an evolution of the existing line with new engineering, materials and movements, adding some great options from the very affordable to the aspirational. Read more >

WATCH IT ALL ABOUT – Christopher Ward Updates the C60 Trident Family

I’m sure you’re fairly well aware that I’m quite the fan of Christopher Ward watches. Not only are they a British company, which will ultimately get my support anyway, but they’re consistently releasing outstanding Swiss Made watches for the price. This is due to them being one of the first proper “online only” manufacturers – so they keep a low overhead.

C60 TRIDENT 600 - 42MM

Here latest release is a complete remake of their best selling watch, the excellent C60 Trident. This is now available in 4 variants; the Quartz, the standard auto, the GMT, and the COSC auto with their new in-house SH21 movement. Read more >

WOUND FOR LIFE – First Impression: Christopher Ward C60 Trident Update

While the Richemont watchmakers were hogging up all the new release headlines last week, Christopher Ward quietly announced an update to their popular C60 Trident Series dive watches. We already thought the C60 was a great looking option in the $1,000 range, and that continues to ring true with the latest changes.

The two most obvious aesthetic updates are the ceramic bezel with a new font for the numbers, and changing the circular hour markers to stick markers. You may recognize this layout from the C65 Trident Classic, which is where it was first used. Looking more closely, you’ll notice the outer track of the dial was cleaned up, and no longer shows the 1/5-second marks. These quick changes make for a slicker, dressier overall appearance (for a dive watch, that is). Read more >


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