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Today marks the start of Trident Summer, a week dedicated to our beloved and bestselling dive range. Since its launch back in 2010, the collection has expanded exponentially, with quartz, GMT, chronograph, day date and chronometer versions being added to the automatic original; and that’s before any mention has been made of today’s new releases, the C60 Trident Pro COSC and C60 Trident Pro Day Date COSC, as well as the magnificently summery C60 Trident 316L Limited Edition

With that degree of choice available, we spoke to members of the team at our Maidenhead HQ about their ideal destination, and which Trident they’d take with them.

George Kelman (Logistics Manager)

Easter Island - C60 Trident GMT

Outside CW, my main interests mostly lie in-between live music and travelling the world – so far I’ve visited 32 countries, with 3 more in the pipeline for later this year. I’m not sure if this is intentional, but my preferences seem to be the more unusual the location the better; my last ‘holiday’ was a trip out to Bahrain, while I also spent a month travelling around South America earlier this year.

Although modern technology makes communication between continents far more simple, you can’t deny the appeal of a watch like the C60 Trident GMT 600 to help manage time differences when you’re travelling on an overnight bus through Peru!

My ideal trip would be to Easter Island in the south-eastern Pacific Ocean. Aside from its famous moai stone statues, you can dive there, with further submerged moai surrounded by green sea turtles and other unique marine creatures. The Trident would be in its element!

Helen McCall (Head of Marketing)

Laos – C60 Trident Pro 600

I currently own a C60 Trident Pro 600, in its white dial/black bezel configuration. The crucial detail for me was its 38mm case size! It hasn’t let me down, while the smaller case ensures that it’s light and comfortable to wear, as well as discreet.

I would bring mine to a place I’ve always wanted to visit: the island of Don Det, found on the Mekong River in Laos. It’s known as one of Kekong’s 4000 Islands – if you look on a map, you’ll get an idea of just how many of these tiny islands dot the river’s length. Don Det’s location means that you’re spoiled for choice with activities: there’s tubing, visits to waterfalls, and even dolphin watching; if you’re feeling lazy, you can always just limit your travels to bobbing in the waters outside your room!

Mike France (Co-founder)

Diving in the Maldives – C60 Trident Titanium

Without doubt, the C60 Trident Titanium Variation #2 is my dive watch of choice, while my ideal destination is in the Maldives, thanks to its clear waters and the potential to swim closely with manta rays and other fascinating wildlife.

Not only does the sharp contrast between the Trident’s DLC black case and white numerals make it the most legible dive watch I have ever worn, the extreme lightness of the titanium adds to the comfort and convenience. And I’m a sucker for that blue lume!

Alex McKenzie (Marketing Assistant – Content)

Glastonbury Festival with the C60 Trident 300

People might think my choices are a little weird – I mean, I could pick anywhere in the world, and sunnier places like California and Australia came to mind – but my favourite place is a scenic, leafy corner of Somerset that is almost entirely unremarkable for 360 days a year, and which springs to life for the other five.

The village of Pilton – where the Glastonbury Festival, as everyone knows it, is held – is my ideal destination, or at least when the weather holds up anyway! For a weekend where everything gets a little bit primal, I feel that you need to strip everything back to basics, and the C60 Trident 300 does that nicely. Thanks to its quartz movement you don’t have to worry about winding it; it’ll handle any of the famous Glastonbury mud and rain with ease; and its indexes and hands are coated with lume for when the sun has gone down and your phone has run out of battery!

Richard Dalziel (Finance & Corporate)

New Zealand with the C60 trident COSC 600

It’s a little bit of a journey to get to, but removing my tongue from firmly inside my cheek, my destination of choice would have to be New Zealand’s South Island.

Trident-wise, I think I would opt for the COSC 600. It would be reassuring to know that despite being on the other side of the planet, you’ve still got this piece of English design – and the first in-house movement from a British company in 50 years – accompanying you on your wrist! The 5 day power reserve would come in useful for going hiking and camping too. Although it’s beyond capable, I doubt I’d take it in the water though – it’s the middle of winter there, and I don’t want to freeze to death!

Between the five watches mentioned – from the movements used, to their materials that comprise their case – we’ve still barely scratched the surface of the variety offered throughout our Trident collection – view our bestselling dive range here.


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