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To correspond with today’s launch of the C60 Trident 316L Limited Edition, Christopher Ward co-founder Mike France provides an update on all things Trident.

For some while now, Adrian Buchmann, our Senior Designer, and I have been mulling over a capsule collection of Trident watches pitched at the extreme diver end of the spectrum. Pushing the boundaries of what is possible in precision mechanical watchmaking is all about overcoming technical challenges and stretching our understanding of the art; learnings which ultimately benefit the entire range, in the same way as road-going cars benefit from the technological advances made by Formula 1 teams.

Now, we are under no illusion that truly serious divers would never depend on any mechanical device to guarantee their safety at 10 metres, never mind the 600 metres our current Trident Pro is built to withstand. Do we need this functionality? Probably not. But do we want it? Hell yes! So, we are set on raising the bar yet again with a new “premium” Trident collection (whose aesthetics will influence the design of the Trident Mark III before the decade is out).

One of our fundamental questions is which base material to use: steel or titanium?

During my Maldivian holiday over Easter, the answer to our question became as clear as the Indian Ocean I was diving in, while wearing my Trident Titanium Variation #2.


Through a lens: Mike’s Trident C60 Titanium Pro 600 Variation #2

Before this vacation, I had only ever worn my 316L stainless steel C60 Trident Pro 600 at depth. Both steel and titanium are seriously corrosion resistant; titanium naturally, steel depending on the grade used, and both have excellent tensile strength. There are grades of steel that can be heat-treated to be stronger than titanium (although titanium is no seven-stone weakling!) but it’s the incredibly light weight of titanium that has won me over. I have been wearing my Variation #2 with one of our high-density natural rubber straps and the combination is just so comfortable and light I can’t see my faithful steel C60 making the dive boat again – though it’s still my mainstay rugged companion when the day’s diving is done – for now…

So, decision made on the future case material of the Trident collection…now we just have to decide which grade of titanium to use. Where’s Adrian?

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