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Sharing a penchant for timing and precision, it’s no surprise that watches and musicians go hand in hand. Factor in the venues and publications many famous musical artists have graced over the past century, and it’s no surprise that many brands spy an opportunity to utilise an artist’s popularity to boost the profile of their own watches. Of course, there will always be those whose next purchase is informed by the stature of a pop star and an accompanying marketing campaign; but that’s not what Christopher Ward, or this blog, is about.

From our inception, we have always said that if you see somebody wearing a CW, it’s because they liked it enough to buy it themselves. This rule extends to actors, TV presenters, and, appropriately in this case, musicians. A celebration of diversity – in the music they play, where they play it, and why – we spoke to different musicians to find out more about their experiences with music, CWs and more.

Marquim Raimundo

Hi Marquim. What musical projects are you involved in?

I’m a guitarist in Raimundos, one of the biggest Brazilian rock bands since 1996 with over 3 million albums sold. I joined the band in 2001 and we’ve made several albums and DVDs, and played hundreds of shows in Brazil and abroad, including opening for Kiss, Guns and Roses and Foo Fighters.

Marquim (right) with his band Raimundos

Tell us a little about yourself and how you became a musician:

I had no interest in music until I was 10 years old, when I damaged my mom’s acoustic guitar – I accidentally poked a hole through it while playing with my toy car! She was really mad, so I promised I’d take guitar classes to appease her. You could say my music career was born out of guilt!

How long have you been interested in horology?

I was born in 1970, so watches were the only gadgets a kid could have. There were no video games at that time, but I had a Casio with a little shooting game in it, or a calculator. When I joined Raimundos I bought a nice Swatch Irony chronograph just to celebrate, the same day I met my future wife in 2001. After that watch was stolen I went years without thinking about watches, but one day I looked at myself in a mirror and thought “wait, something is missing”.

When did you discover CW, and which watches do you have?

I found out about CW because, like everything I get interested in, I became obsessed with watches. I researched incessantly, and I wanted a beautiful Swiss automatic that wouldn’t break the bank. Someone suggested the Trident C60 and I fell in love with it completely. Just recently I bought a C8 UTC Worldtimer.

Marquim with his guitar and Trident

Do you wear a CW or any watch when you play live?

Oh yes I do! I charge my Trident’s lume with my guitar tech’s flashlight so I can see the time backstage before the show starts. And it looks great in pictures!

As a musician, do you have more of an appreciation for timing and watches?

Oh I sure do. Either when we’re composing, arranging, recording, when we’re constantly talking about BPM (beats per minute), time signatures, etc or when we’re on the road and we’re constantly looking at schedules, flights and wake-up calls, a watch can be a very valuable tool and companion. Besides the utilitarian aspect of it, as a musician the whole idea of an intricate mechanism with many different parts playing together in harmony and producing a beautiful sound (hopefully!) is just fascinating!

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