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You may be one of the 5,000 UK recipients of the most recent Christopher Ward Magazine, Loupe 11, to have received it ‘naked’.

Why are we putting so many ‘naked’ magazines into the postal system? Is it a mistake, or a hiccup in the print process? Not so. It’s all part of Christopher Ward’s ongoing effort to become more eco-friendly. In some small ways, we can make a difference, and we believe in making all the small changes that we can, in order to make the biggest difference we are capable of.

Loupe magazine’s circulation is bigger than you’d think. At 40k+ issues a season, printed 4 times a year, it rivals many newsstand publications in terms of its reach and readership. And as publishers of such a prolific title, Christopher Ward are more than aware of the potential environmental impacts of all that paper, and particularly the plastic polybag wrap it’s delivered in.

So what to do to reduce the impact to the environment of this productive and profitable publication – one that’s hugely popular among our customer base, and we have intentions of growing and spreading even further? How do we make our Loupe magazine more eco-friendly?

To this end, we’re testing different methods of mailing Loupe. Absolutely the cleanest option bar none is to send Loupe unwrapped – as we have tested to the 5,000 UK recipients mentioned above – but there are risks to this, like the magazine getting damp or bent in the mail.

Of course, there are other ways to wrap the magazine with more environmentally-friendly substrates than plastic polywrap. For example, compostable potato starch wraps are next in line to be tested, and could prove useful for overseas deliveries where additional sheets of paper are enclosed with the magazine, and need to be held together in transit. The magazine is already printed and produced in the UK, saving on air miles, but we are also looking into print options for carbon offsetting, and intend to make the publication fully carbon neutral in 2019.

We really want to get feedback on the condition the magazines arrive in that we’ve sent in the ‘naked’ test, so do get in touch with us at

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