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November 5 is a notable day in the UK calendar. Each year, the British population marks Guy Fawkes Night (or Bonfire Night) with firework displays to remember the failed plot to destroy the House of Lords in Westminster, London, back in 1605.

But November 5 also took on another particular relevance this year, as Christopher Ward unleashed its own marketing pyrotechnics with our first ‘Out-of-home’ campaign. It marks the culmination of over a year’s market research and will see a variety of CW ads featured throughout many of the capital’s most prominent stations. Our Head of Marketing Helen McCall explains more:

Marking the first time CW has run a marketing campaign via this kind of media, it represents the largest spend on advertising in the month of November that the company has made in its history. It’s a confident brand debut to a new, bigger audience.

‘Out-of-home media’ refers to the screens and posters you often see in outdoor public places. CW will be on the large full-motion screens beside timetable boards in major rail termini, and on cross-track posters in tube stations. Advertising here is perfect for attracting mass reach of a wide demographic target – which in our case, is business commuters travelling into and out of central London via mainline train and London Underground lines. Specifically, we know this to be a ‘connected’ audience – with smartphones and devices, ready to search the brands seen in out of home – so our creative prompts online research with the line ‘Do Your Research’. Indeed, we have done plenty of our own market research in planning and buying the media spaces, and developing the ads for this campaign.

The full-motion ad questions some of what different aspects of luxury means, hopefully provoking thought and research – which we know is a big part of thinking about buying a new watch. It’s 20 seconds long and shares 5.5% of time on screen, shown in 11 rail stations throughout London. The cross-track posters are in 10 Underground stations at interchanges with the main lines. Running from November 5th for 4 weeks, the ads are supported by additional Evening Standard advertising and online activity throughout the month.

Since this is a test we’re very keen to hear feedback about any aspect of the campaign, either direct to or you can tag us via social media:

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