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If someone were to ask, ‘Who was your first hero?’, most men would say (after some embarrassed shuffling from side to side) that their dad was the first person that they truly admired, the one person who they spent their formative years trying to emulate. Batman to your Robin, most dads come with an array of super powers and secret wisdom. Swimming coach, driving instructor and dispenser of emergency ten pound notes, Dad is the original alpha male and for an impressionable young man, a personal superhero. 

Of course, in their late teens and college years, young men look for new heroes.  Clothes, music, and hairstyles they will later come to regret, are all recruited to the cause of trying to differentiate themselves from Dad. But for most of us there comes a day of reckoning when, despite all our efforts, we realise that Robin has grown up to be like Batman and, in so many ways, we have turned out to be… just like Dad.

To find out if you are more like Dad than you realise, ask yourself these five questions.

1. Do you get up before seven o’clock? Even on Sundays? 
There was a time not long ago when rising at six meant taking your coffee with the evening news. Not any more. Now you find yourself drumming your fingers if the paperboy is ten minutes late. Just like Dad.

2. Have you completed a crossword in the last 24 hours?
You remember that ominous silence when the old man would glare at the final few clues, punctuating the silence with exasperated sighs. Does that sound familiar?

3. Does making ‘to do’ lists make you happy?

Remember those ‘to do’ lists from your college days? OK, no-one does. But how you love a list now – holidays, DIY projects, even a weekend with the boys all call for a detailed list, and, just like dad, do you triumphantly tick off each item for the whole family to see?

4. Do you check the weather forecast more than once a day?
Where once a walk in the rain seemed a minor inconvenience, do you now avoid it at all costs – leaving the house dressed like Sir Edmund Hillary to go to the pub?

5. Have you recently discovered the joy of being on time – or even early – for things?
On time. Early. Although these are concepts which are fairly new to you, are you starting to realise how important it is to be punctual? Like Dad, do you now pride yourself on never being late?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to more than three of these questions, you are probably more like your Dad than you care to imagine. And if you look back at some of those college photos it’s probably not such a bad thing. Let’s face it, turning into your first hero isn’t the end of the world. And to deny it would just be stubborn… Just like Dad. 
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