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Just to clear up a point before anyone asks: no, nobody within the CW team has taken up cave diving. Referring instead to our second ‘Out-of-home’ campaign, consisting of an influx of Christopher Ward advertising across the London Underground and throughout the capital’s railway stations and newspapers, this new surge of activity is far less precarious – but equally as exciting.

What exactly is an Out-of-home campaign? Essentially, it refers to the ads found upon screens and posters in public places, with its focus on London-based terminals and newsstands ensuring they reach a wide range of demographics. With many commuting into the capital for work connected to the internet via their phones and laptops, these adverts serve a double purpose. Not only do they raise awareness of the brand in an affluent city, but their taglines and content – often humorous in nature – shine a light on the distinctive quality to price equation that separates Christopher Ward from many brands on the market. Each is then underlined by an invitation to ‘Do Your Research’, referencing the section of our site designed to educate about watchmaking and the brand in general.

Following our debut Out-of-home campaign last November, its success warranted a bigger and better effort this time round. Starting a month and a half earlier, and in more places than before – we’re appearing in City AM as well as the Evening Standard, for example – the campaign sees us appear in all matter of spaces, big and small. There’s the ‘cross track’ banners found across from the platform on the Underground (a map with the various locations of these can be found below) or the 20 second videos played on Transvision screens that question the concept of luxury. Other unique spaces offered our marketing team the opportunity to get creative with the ads filling them – think tailoring an ad next to the crossword to look like a clue of the puzzle adjacent.

Building up through October and November (apt, with Christmas just around the corner), this grander operation reflects the growing status of the brand as it reaches adolescence, making itself at home among the iconic names that adorn the London advertising landscape. With that said, we’d like to hear your thoughts about the campaign; you can either send them direct to, or you can tag us via social media:

Facebook: christopherwardlondon

Twitter: chriswardlondon

Instagram: chriswardlondon

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