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For those of you who have recently visited our website or received our ‘Winter Stories’ emails, you will know that Christopher Ward are donating 5% of proceeds from a select number of our bestselling models to Blue Marine Foundation – a charity dedicated to fighting overfishing of the planet’s oceans through conservation. They do this by creating marine protected areas, restoring marine habitats and developing sustainable fisheries.

Established in 2010 by the makers of ‘The End of the Line’, a documentary exploring the impact upon fish stocks caused by unregulated commercial activity, Blue Marine Foundation aims for 30% of the world’s ocean to be under protection by 2030 (currently, the figure sits at just 4.8%, according to MPA Atlas). It’s a noble, and extremely timely, cause; conservation allows the recovery of fish stocks, which in turn aids the ecological wellbeing of our oceans. Put another way, when faced with the statistic that healthy oceans absorb half of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions produced by mankind, Blue Marine Foundation is affecting change at the root at one of society’s gravest problems: climate change.

If you were contemplating the purchase of any of the five following models – the C1 Moonglow, C65 Black Gold Limited Edition, C60 Abyss, C60 Trident Pro 600 and C65 Trident Automatic – before Christmas, you can take satisfaction in knowing that 5% of the proceeds from each of these will go towards supporting Blue Marine Foundation in their vital goal.

While a small gesture in this season of goodwill, our support of Blue Marine Foundation is the most recent move by the brand to minimise our impact upon the planet: this year saw us create our own eco-friendly packaging, and then waive the exclusivity rights on the designs so more luxury brands can improve the sustainability of their packaging; we send our magazine Loupe ‘nude’, without single-use protective plastic or potato starch wraps; and most recently, we donated 5% of the proceeds from the C65 Anthropocene to another environmental charity that uses legal means to protect our Earth.

Although just a drop in the metaphorical ocean, it’s small steps like these that we hope will ultimately form a greater positive impact going forward.

For more information about Blue Marine Foundation, head to their website:

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