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With a remarkable 78% of the vote, the Christopher Ward Forum, an independent discussion forum for our watch enthusiasts, voted the C900 Harrison Single Pusher Chronograph as the most significant new watch model introduced in 2012 by Christopher Ward London in a poll conducted over the past two weeks.

Since its introduction in August 2012, the C900 Harrison Single Pusher has been critically acclaimed as a stunning work of art and the watch that moves Christopher Ward far outside of our comfort zone. Here are what some of our forum members had to say about it:

“The C900 has taken CWL to a new level as a watchmaker.” (Wis)
“Unbelievable achievement.” (JDS)
“A very beautiful and classy watch showing beauty in it’s simplest yet most complicated form.” (Angelo)
“……absolutely…..first class.” (Jimleymurmer)
“The artistry of the single pusher chronograph that is visible thru the exhibition caseback will leave you awestruck.” (Kip)
“Mechanically it is something to behold.” (Alibar)
“a new high-water mark for a company I’ve long liked.” (Paul Hubbard)
“….I honestly was captivated by this watch at first inspection.” (Don aka Tattoo Chef)

C900 Harrison Single Pusher

The runner up model in the poll was the C11 Makaira Pro, our popular dive watch, with 13% of the vote.
C11 Makaira Pro

The C900 Harrison Single Pusher is a limited edition of 250 pieces – there are still some available for order online so you can get hold of the watch of the year before it’s gone.

What was your favourite Christopher Ward watch model from 2012?

  1. ken

    Prices would be useful..! The advertised Roman numeral watch thats so popular looks good as does one I saw in the aircraft return from Austria yesterday, however, without knowing the price means its entirely useless so can you provide an Email catalogue or whatever with the actual prices..?

    3 years ago
  2. Mark Bennett

    Thank you for your comments.

    We do have a online magazine that contains prices and I will look to add in prices to future posts on the blog where possible, take a look at the Christopher Ward Magazine for further stories and watches with prices, alternatively all of the watches are on the website.

    Here are the full details of the C900 Harrison Single Pusher.

    3 years ago