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About Us


The Christopher Ward luxury watch company was founded on a boat on the River Thames in 2004 by Mike France, Chris Ward and Peter Ellis. From the start this has always been about finding a way for everyone to enjoy the truly visceral pleasure derived from owning and wearing a premium quality Swiss made watch.


Having learned from insiders in the Swiss watch industry just how much of the cost of a typical luxury Swiss watch is down to marketing costs, celebrity endorsements, sponsorships and a pre-internet age distribution model, the three friends set out on a mission to turn the industry on its head and create a revolution in watchmaking.

There was a single, simple aim: To put premium grade watches within the reach of everyone.

Details of how this was turned into a business model that challenged the world of luxury watchmaking can be read about in WHY CHRISTOPHER WARD?


Having spent the best part of a year designing the first two watches, the C5 Malvern Automatic and C3 Malvern Chronograph, they were launched on onto an unsuspecting world in June 2005.


After a slow start, sales started ticking up and we were suddenly sending our luxury watches to all parts of the world. In all honesty we had no idea why until in December of 2005 a Dutch guy, Hans Van Hoogstraten, called us to ask if we would be happy for him to set up a forum dedicated to our fledgling brand. Curious as to why he might want to do this, Hans explained he had bought one of our watches after reading about us on, at the time, the world’s largest watch forum.

Apparently, an Australian professor, Dave Malone, had seen a British based ad in for our C5 Malvern Automatic and bought one of them with the intention of exposing us on Timezone for the fraudsters we clearly were, as it was impossible we could be selling a luxury Swiss watch with such a high specification at such a low price.

To his eternal credit (and our good fortune) Dave, who knows a thing or two about watches, was bowled over by what he received and instead of posting an expose, posted a eulogy which sparked a frenzy of interest, hence those sales. It seems Christopher Ward was being talked about more than Rolex as dozens of members started posting positive comments about their CW purchases.

Michael Sandler, who was then the moderator of the forum, but of whom we had no knowledge (we didn’t even know Timezone existed!!), decided we must be paying for this incredible publicity and started to ban members, Hans being one of them. Of course, nothing was further from the truth and Hans, incensed with his treatment, made that call to us. From a handful of members in early 2006, has become one of the best watch forums in the world with thousands of members and tens of thousands of posts. It has always been editorially independent but in 2014 we bought the forum from Hans, who wanted to get on with the rest of his life(!) although we still insist on its editorial independence.

Now with social media such a large and important part of many people’s lives it’s easy to forget how lucky we were that our “word of mouth” approach to marketing got such an early turbo-charge thanks to Dave and Hans.


When Jörg Bader, the founder of Synergies Horlogères, crossed our path in 2008 we immediately understood this was another huge piece of good fortune. Jörg, born in Grenchen, Switzerland and steeped in watchmaking his entire life (his father was a watchmaker) had recently started a new watchmaking business in Biel/Bienne and was looking for like-minded brands to work with. In Christopher Ward he found a partner with a different philosophy to any watch brand he had ever known. He was excited by the challenge and the opportunity and after taking on Johannes Jahnke, one of the most talented young watchmakers in the world, it wasn’t long before our two company’s were working on such pioneering projects as the JJ Calibres and then in 2009/10, the ground-breaking, entirely in-house designed and developed, Calibre SH21 which was launched, once again to an astonished industry, in July 2014.


On the day of the Calibre SH21 launch we also announced a merger between our two companies, creating in the process the world’s first truly vertical direct to the consumer luxury watch brand. It was the biggest day in our short history and the cornerstone for the next stage of our story which promises to be even more exciting!


‘Each season we are pushing ourselves and our workshop in Switzerland to come up with innovative advancements to enhance the performance and appearance of our watches.’

CW Co-founder, Mike France

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